Debut NFT watch collection offers bundle & burn function for rarer models


New watch brand NIMANYCLUB has launched its debut NFT watch collection.

The brand explained how it was the “first true NFT native watch brand from conception and the first watch brand to ever pair luxury NFT digital watches with twin physical products.”

The debut NIMANYCLUB NFT Watch Collection project will kick off with an initial lottery offering of 1,810 random NFT digital watches in one of four variations: the most common colorful ceramic models, rarer “freak” ceramic, stainless-steel, or gold editions, or the rarest mono-color unicorn NFT digital watch.


Once the game commences, collectors may choose to hold their NFTs, bundle and burn them in trade for increasingly rarer NFT digital watch models, or redeem for a physical watch.

This burn and trade mechanism represents a technological breakthrough in the NFT space. Inventory is expected to deplete as the game commences over a series of weeks, increasing scarcity and valuation for owners still in possession of their digital watches.

Initially, NIMANYCLUB will offer buyers the chance to purchase blind NFT digital watches, their specific model only to be revealed several days later once they log into their wallet.

The colored ceramic models make up the largest percentage of the initial 1,810 assortment at approximately seventy-five percent, followed by the rarer ceramic “freaks” which feature an additional, unusual material (representing just fifteen percent of all NFT watches in the collection), and the stainless-steel models (accounting for ten percent of all models minted).

Only two percent of NFT digital watches will be gold, while mono-color “unicorns” are the rarest of all, representing less than 1 percent of all NFT digital models.

Nima Behnoud, the NIMANYCLUB founder, explained: “Today most people are already getting a taste of the metaverse through the complex digital identities they have built across multiple platforms.”

Adding: “The fact is that the lines between our digital and physical realities are blurring, and I believe people are hungry to express and enhance their digital identities with luxury goods just as they would in the physical world.

“NIMANYCLUB was founded as a contemporary response to the needs of this dawning era, offering the appealing scarcity of traditional luxury goods while exploring the limitless creative potential of luxury NFTs.”

This is how it works:


  • Owners of at least two ceramic NFT digital watches (including rarer freak ceramic models) may log into their wallet and choose to bundle and burn the models in exchange for a rarer stainless steel NFT watch
  • Four ceramic models or two stainless-steel models may also be burned at this time to receive an even rarer gold NFT model.


  • Owners of the extremely rare unicorn mono-color watches may log into their wallet to redeem a twin physical watch model along with a NIMANY special gift package – all while retaining their NFT, no burn required
  • Those owners still in possession of the freak ceramic models will receive a unique NFT in their wallet
  • Any gold NFT watch may be redeemed for a twin physical gold watch.

With its debut project and twin NFT digital watch and physical watch offering, the NIMANYCLUB NFT Watch project will give collectors the choice to enjoy their watches as an extension of their persona in the digital realm, in the physical, or both.

According to Behnoud, he adds: “Every NFT digital watch purchase effectively buys entry into the exclusive NIMANYCLUB. Those who hold onto their watch in the digital format will enjoy exclusive first access to merchandise drops, special values, and offers every forty-five to sixty days. Members have to keep some of their NIMANYCLUB NFT assets in their wallet to remain part of the club.”

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