De Bethune makes cosmic DB28XP from Muonionalusta Meteorite


Denis Flageollet, founder and master watchmaker of De Bethune, has returned to his passion for meteorites for the creation of a DB28 — the DB28XP Meteorite — with a black zirconium and a striking dial made from a slice of Muonionalusta Meteorite.

For those without Mr Flageollet, encyclopedic knowledge of space rock, Muonionalusta Meteorite is believed to have struck the Earth more than one million years BC, somewhere between Finland and Sweden on the banks of the Muniono river.

It is thought to be the world’s oldest known meteorite and is composed mainly of iron and nickel that combine in a 60° angle cross-hatched “Widmanstätten” pattern.


“No other metal is as strongly charged with pure energy and emotion as the ferrous meteorites that have taken shape in the furnace of the star-studded heavens,” Mr Flageollet explains.

De Bethune is making only ten of the watch, each with a unique look from their slice of the meteorite.

Customers can also customize their own piece by positioning small white gold pins on the dial into their chosen depiction of a star constellation.

The 43mm DB28XP Meteorite has a zirconium hour track with gold numerals. Its pink gold hands are the same shape as on the DB28XP Starry Sky dial.

A hand-wound DB2115v7 movement is equipped with a De Bethune balance with an in house manufactured balance spring. It can be seen beating through an aperture at 6 o’clock.

De Bethune’s limited edition DB28XP Meteorite is on sale for $138,000.


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