Czapek designs double focal point guilloché for latest Quai des Bergues models


The watch face of Czapek ‘s 2017 Quai des Bergues Guilloché puts all other features of this watch in the shade.

Described by the company as a ‘Ricochet’ guilloché, the pattern takes inspiration from an ancient design created by Francois Czapek in the 1850s.

Its main characteristic and unique feature is the presence of a double focal point, unlike traditional guilloché patterns with only one focal point at the centre of the dial.

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The two focal points also draw the eye to two subdials – indicating small seconds and power reserve.

First seen at Baselworld, the collection goes on sale this month in a limited run of 26 pieces priced at CHF 25,900 (£20,800).

The dial is made from a gold, silver, palladium and platinum alloy handcrafted by Swiss ateliers, Metalem.

It is sold in three colours, described as Aqua Blue, Sea Salt Grey and Emperor Blue.

The Aqua Blue models use a 42.5mm steel case, the Sea Salt Grey has a white cold case, the Emperor Blue is housed in rose gold.

The watches run on a Calibre SXH1 mechanical hand-wound movement developed by Czapek in collaboration with Chronode.

Czapek has no retail outlets in the UK, but that may be about to change. The company incorporated a private limited company in August called Czapek & Cie UK Limited with Jane Burton listed as a shareholder. Ms Burton is already responsible for communications for the watch brand in the UK.

CzapekGeneve_QDB-Guilloche_Gris_Low-Res CzapekGeneve_QDB-Guilloche_AquaBlue_Low-Res_grand CzapekGeneve_QDB-Guilloche_EmperorBlue_Low-Res

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