Customisable Swiss-made watch seeking Kickstarter backers


A group of Hong Kong-based lifestyle and watch enthusiasts will launch a new Kickstarter campaign in August to back the production of Swiss-made, fully-customisable automatic timepieces. 

Titled Memomem 4.1 Project, customers will be linked with a web app that enables them to select key components of a variety of styles and finishes, including the bezel, case, dial and hands.

Customers can also add special engravings to the side of their watch case, such as personal messages, lyrics, dates or mottos.


Describing itself as “Combining [the Swiss] luxurious experience with diversified style combinations at the highest value that we can offer,” Memomem will officially launch in August with an early backer price of US$499, which includes shipping from Switzerland.

A statement from the company adds: “Given the high level of customisation and its origin in Switzerland, the Memomem watch will be ready for delivery after two months upon design confirmation. Memomem calls for backers on Kickstarter to give this creative design project a shot.”

The team behind Memomem have worked with watch companies since the 1980s, with expertise in product development, art design, engineering, industrial manufacturing, project management and brand building. The name Memomem is derived from ‘Me, Moment and Memory’, tying into the company’s belief that every watch should have its own story.


Memomem customisable watch

Memomem Yellow

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