Corum teaming with top Latina celebrity


Corum has announced new partnership with presenter and model Rebecca de Alba, coinciding with the Salon International of Haute Horlogerie of Mexico (SIAR).

The watchmaker selected de Alba, a native of Mexico, for her "altruism and elegance." The move is also part of a larger plan to pursue growth in Latin America, which offers a clientele of connoisseurs and epicureans."
The partnership will also help support the Rebecca de Alba Foundation, created in 2008 to help youth and children suffering from cancer, through the release of the a limited edition timepiece, Admiral’s Cup Legend 38.

In a press release, de Alba stated: “I am deeply delighted and proud to be the new Corum Ambassador. This project is very important to me because it is the first time that I combine my personal image with a fine watchmaking brand. This is a special partnership for me because it associates generosity with time. That is why I decided to go further and create a watch dedicated to my foundation. "


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