Corum says its greatest successes have come from taking the biggest risks


Corum, which is owned by Hong Kong-based Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group, has unveiled a fresh campaign coinciding with the brand’s 65th anniversary dubbed Risk is the Reward.

The initiative looks back through the 65 year history of the Swiss-based watchmaker, and highlights the fact that identifying risk has often created more opportunities for success than peril or fear.

Corum says it has always been a risk taker in the development of collections such Admirals, Haute Couture with the Feather Watch, truly “Time Is Money” with the Coin, and the Golden Bridge.


“The new campaign reinforces Corum’s unparalleled willingness to take chances and do things that others have not done before. After all, it is precisely this philosophy and way of thinking that has propelled the brand forward decade after decade,” Corum says.

Part of the plan is for Corum to align itself with ambassadors who are also risk takers in their fields such as Miralem Pjanic, footballer for Juventus Turin who fled his homeland with his family to safety during the Bosnian War and then pursued his dreams. Chinese actor Hu Bing, an aspiring yachtsman who had to retire in his early 20’s due to injury before turning to the creative arts is another ambassador.

The current Covid-19 situation will delay much of the activity, which will include print, digital and social media.

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