Corum creates a skeletonized tourbillon movement for its $180,000 LAB 02 watch


Corum appears to have been at the Kool Aid. 

Having first unveiled its recent Risk is the Reward promotional campaign, the brand has taken its own advice and gambled on the creation of a brand new tourbillon movement that does away with traditional bridges, and slotted it into a $180,000 gold and crystal skeletonized timepiece.

Corum claims the resulting LAB 02 timepiece “defies all watchmaking convention”.


The skeletonized CO 300 movement has a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, flying gear train and its bridge set directly onto the mainplate.

“The LAB 02 is a perfect example of aesthetic perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship. The highly complicated manual movement stretches the imagination as well as the physical constraints of watchmaking.  In its creation, Corum’s development team’s members challenged themselves to offer not only a flying tourbillon, but also a flying gear train of sorts. The question they posed: “What if the movement doesn’t have bridges?” They then tirelessly pursued their unconventional quest,” Corum describes.

For the starting price of $180,000, you get the standard gold version, but customers can select any color of gold and have the watch set with diamonds or other gemstones.

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