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Advertising fake Rolexes as fake Rolexes is still a crime, knock-off dealer discovers

Offerup's cheapest Rolex now is a questionable $300

A 28-year old in Oregon has been charged with 7 counts of counterfeiting for selling knock-off Rolexes online despite openly saying in online advertising that they were fakes.

A jury in Oregan’s Multnomah County, Portland, upheld charges against Mr Burraston after investigators found more than 50 fake Rolex watches at his premises.

He had been advertising the watches on the website OfferUp, describing them as: “$100 FIRM. Perfect condition and works perfectly. Still has plastic wrap around wristband. No this is not real. The secondhand ticks and the watch is battery powered. I have other colors too.”


Despite the online adverts making it clear that the watches are not genuine, Portland Police Bureau’s White Collar Crimes Unit successfully argued that it was still illegal for Mr Burraston to sell any kind of product under the name that has intellectual property protection, such as a trademark or copyright.

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