Copenhagen watchmaker wants his wooden wristwear to go global


Another year rolls in and news of yet another start-up Scandinavian watch brand has landed in WatchPro’s inbox.

In a market more crowded than your local ER on a Friday night, Copenhagen-based Christian Valentin believes his eponymous watch brand will make in impact thanks to its use wooden cases, Swiss movements and quality details such as the use of sapphire glass.

The first Christian Valentin watches are already on sale direct to consumer on the company’s website, but the brand is determined to grow a substantial network of retailers, with the US uppermost in its plans.


christian valentin watch 2

Mr Valentin has a novel scheme to quickly expand its network by paying any partner that helps to sign up another retailer with a cut of sales.

“We offer everyone, no matter who, which can find a store / agent / distributor / stockist in any region, 10% of the total sales from the current store / agent / distributor / stockist that they find,” Mr Valentin explains. “The goal for the year 2018 is to expand as much as possible worldwide,” he adds.

In just a few months of trading, Christian Valentin has signed Wolf & Badger in London as a retailer and is hoping to be listed in its Manhattan outlet as well. Thenandnowshop.com is the brand’s first online partner.

The current collection sells online for around $160.

Christian Valentin The Walnut Wood Watch Fashion 2Christian Valentin The Walnut Wood Watch Fashion7


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