Clockwork expertise registered as “intangible cultural heritage” with UNESCO


Mechanical clockwork expertise and artistic mechanics have been registered as intangible cultural heritage with UNESCO.

It comes after a joint application from France and Switzerland to secure the recognition.

UTINAM Besançon, the French specialist of the mechanical clockwork art since 1993, was one of the driving forces behind this application through the intervention of its founder Philippe Lebru, a multi-award-winning inventor.


World-renowned for its monumental and spectacular clocks, UTINAM is the French specialist of the prestigious mechanical clockwork art.

The brand universe has a close connection with the imagination of Philippe Lebru, artist and inventor, whose unrestrained, subversive creativity has brought forth three icons of contemporary pendulum clockmaking: Hortence, Lala and Pop Up.

Philippe Lebru commented: ““When the Grand Besançon Métropole team called me to join the application, I immediately latched onto the idea of gaining international recognition for this one-of-a-kind territory where two peoples share a single cultural identity.

A land where values such as the pursuit of excellence, perseverance, creativity, dexterity and patience reach beyond the borders.”

UTINAM is planning on making the most of this powerful spotlight on Franco-Swiss mechanical clockwork expertise and artistic mechanics to launch a surprising series of collaborations with international designers who will revisit the Pop Up, one of the brand’s leading models.

The first opus will feature the Besançon-based watch architect Alain Silberstein.

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