Citizen links second limited edition chronograph to HAKUTO-R mission to the moon


Citizen is taking part in a race to land on the moon later this year through its partnership with HAKUTO-R, a commercial lunar exploration program operated by ispace, inc.

The Japanese watchmaker has provided recrystallized Super Titanium parts for the legs of the mission’s lunar lander and is using the same material in a limited edition GPS Satellite Wave.

Recrystallized titanium is a new material created by applying a high-temperature heat treatment to titanium, followed by a cooling process.


This creates unevenness in the composition of the metal, producing a crystal pattern on the surface. The process means that no two watches made with Super Titanium are exactly the same.

Citizen has used the newly developed recrystallized titanium on the bezel and central links of the bracelet for the GPS Satellite Wave F950 Double Direct Flight HAKUTO-R Collaboration Model.

HAKUTO-R’s space craft is shown on the back of the watch.

Only 1,000 will be released worldwide. They go on sale in July for $3,500.

The 44.3mm chronograph watch is powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive and F950 movement, which will keep running for up to 5-years.

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