Citizen connects Eco-Drive Riiiver watch to its own internet of things platform


Citizen has used an internet of things (IoT) event in Austin, TX, to unveil a brand new connected hybrid watch concept it has called the Eco-Drive Riiiver.

The watch is described as a next-generation smart watch that connects to various devices and services through Citizen’s “Riiiver“ IoT platform.

The new platform makes it possible, for example, to call a transportation service with just push of watch button or operate smart speakers with the watch.


“Eco-Drive Riiiver goes beyond the ordinary concept of a watch. It will “update” your lifestyle and change the way you live,” Citizen says.

For example, the Riiiver platform could be used to find a nearby restaurant or cafe and the watch’s hands will point to it. It can also show the score of a big game. Or help friends using a unique shared signal meet up.

“Riiiver is a micro-community service that organically links devices, services and people,” Citizen explains.



Eco-Drive Riiiver’s design combines the best of both worlds with smart-watch functionality and the smart analogue style of a wristwatch. In addition, Eco-Drive powers the watch using any light source with no external battery charging necessary.

The watches feature high-visibility colors and hands encased in a wide dial designed for readability and ease of use.

It is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2019.

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