Citizen competes with top end timepieces with ultra-accurate Caliber 0100


Citizen has installed its most accurate Eco-Drive movement, the Caliber 0100, in a collection of watches that will go on sale in limited quantities later this year.

It will be one of the most expensive Citizen watches in its history, with a white gold version, limited to just 100 pieces worldwide, selling for the equivalent of $16,800.

The quartz-based Caliber 0100 is accurate to within ±1 second per year, and will never run out of power thanks to the solar charging of Eco-Drive technology.


The movement, which was first spoken about last year, uses crystal oscillators that vibrate at a frequency 250 times higher than most.

It is housed in a classical slim watch that Citizen says eschews superfluous adornments.

Along with the limited edition white gold version, there are two titanium-cased model that sell for  the equivalent of $7,400.


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