Chronovision aims to be the One winder of choice


Chronovision is a German watch winder company that is hoping to take the UK by storm. Managing director Jan Heiße is the man behind the company and, as a watch enthusiast himself, he is excited about unleashing his product on the UK market..

“Chronovision is the result of more than two years of development,” reveals Heiße. “Before that, I spent 10 years surveying customers and collecting and analysing the answers, before considering how to achieve successful market implementation.”

The Chronovision “One” is the plain and simple moniker of the first watch winder from this fledgling brand. With a compact cube shape and a front panel measuring just 10cm x 10cm, the casing is split into three parts with a stripe running down the middle. The is a selection of more than 40 design and refinement varieties, which the company hopes will cater for all consumers.

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A key aspect of Chronovision that Heiße is proud of is the extent of its ‘Made in Germany’ boast. “Almost all of the components originate from local suppliers, and assembly is carried out in the company’s own factory in the Sauerland-region town of Halver,” he reveals.

Where Heiße feels that the Chronovision One really excels is in its ability to accommodate additional modules. “An impressive feature is the patent-pending synchronised movement of multiple connected modules, in which the initiation and speeds are coordinated despite their individual programmes,” enthuses Heiße. “The Collector Box is an attractive option for those with three or more Chronovision One modules and can accommodate up to six models within its precisely coordinated design.”

With retail prices starting at €499, and with Heiße’s passion and meticulous German attention to detail, the Chronovision One is the new kid in town and ready to shake up the watch winder market in the UK.

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  1. Unfortunately trying to order one is a real hassle. Designheutte is who I contacted and the service was so poor I didn’t continue

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