Chronoswiss opens the watch world’s first boutique in the Metaverse


Chronoswiss is claiming to be the first brand on this planet with its own virtual boutique selling watches in Decentraland, a destination in the Metaverse.

Decentraland is a virtual destination comprising 90,000 plots of ‘land’ underpinned by the Ethereum Blockchain so that no two plots can be owned twice.

It is the biggest and most promising candidate when it comes to building the much-hyped Metaverse, according to Chronoswiss.


“We understand the Metaverse as the next evolutionary step of the internet, where business and gaming merge into a unique customer experience. We are aware that it is a bet on a yet unclear vision, but it is beyond exciting and every promising vision needs people how believe in it. The virtual Atelier is a lab for extraordinary ideas in a world that has really no limitations,” says Chronoswiss owner & CEO, Oliver Ebstein.

Customers can visit the Atelier in Decentraland to buy one of 100 limited edition digital wearables of the Open Gear ReSec Sugar Rush for their Avatar as well as eight limited edition real watches that will be exclusively produced in Lucerne for Metaverse clients.

Each timepiece is connected to an NFT.

Chronoswiss has let its designers’ creativity run wild on the digital Sugar Rush watch, which is described as looking like a modern mechanical candy shop on steroids.

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