Chronoswiss aims to part investors from their cryptocurrency profits

Chronoswiss_Flying Regulator Open Gear_Bitcoin Edition

What are people supposed to do when they have seen their virtual wallets of cryptocurrencies rocket in value and turn them into Bitcoin billionaires?

Splash out on an outrageous timepiece, of course, which is why Chronoswiss has come up with the perfect model for freshly minted investors.

The Swiss watch brand has joined forces with Tech Bureau Europe to create five luxurious crypto-design watches, each of which are limited to only 101 pieces each.

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Not only do their designs incorporate the cryptocurrency-related symbols, they can only be bought from the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif.

The special editions are based on Chronoswiss‘s Flying Regulator Open Gear and come in five different models: Bitcoin – the currency; NEM – the harvest; Ethereum – the contract; Zaif – the exchange; and COMSA – the token.


The watch dial of the Bitcoin watch in close up.


The limited-edition watches can be purchased by anyone registered on Zaif. The corresponding auctions will take place within specified time frames between April 13 to 27, with the watches listed in the same way as tokens.

Customers must place their bids as buy orders. The 101 highest bids per model will give the respective bidders legal ownership of one crypto-design watch. It is just as easy as buying cryptocurrency.

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