Chronext creates mobile phone app


Chronext is responding to the near-ubiquitous use of smartphones to browse, buy and sell pre-owned watches by launching its own mobile app.

Currently available only on the Apple Store for iPhones, the Chronext app invites people to explore its selection of luxury watches, buy, sell and learn about the latest trends in investment watches with the company’s experts.

“We are thrilled and proud to announce that we just launched our first app available for all iOS devices for buying, selling and trading luxury watches online,” says Chronext CEO Philipp Man.


“If you love watches, you’ll love the app as well. It was designed specifically to enjoy the world of fine timepieces in an easy, fun and modern way. From now on, you can receive price alerts, delivery updates, expert advice and much more right at your fingertips,” he adds.

The app is free and ready to download now in the Apple App Store.

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