Christopher Ward’s Trump gag drives sales of its C5 Malvern 595


Christopher Ward is the UK’s largest watch manufacturer, producing around 20,000 pieces per year from its facility in Biel, Switzerland, and selling them mostly in the United States and Britain via its own websites.

The company’s sporty C65 Trident diver’s watches are the best-selling models, but a tongue in cheek advertising campaign has caused an unexpected spike in demand for its C5 Malvern 595, which is 5.95mm high and one of the thinnest mechanical watches on the market.

The advertising, which has appeared in news magazines as well as in-flight publications, picks up on satirists depictions of President Trump’s small hands.


“The quality is undeniable, and … certainly trumps some better known luxury brands,” the advert reads.

In a business interview with WatchPro, Mike France, managing director of Christopher Ward says the company is on track for a record year, with North America performing particularly well.

“Around one third of our turnover now comes from North America; the US is 26%, Canada is 6%. The UK is around 48% of sales. The US is a key target market for us, and we feel we are hardly touching the surface. Our other markets apart from the UK and North America have been growing at a much faster rate,” he reveals.




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