Christopher Ward pays homage to 50 year old Morgan Plus 8 motor car


Christopher Ward and Morgan Motor Company have extended their partnership and introduced a new watch that will be sold alongside the 50th anniversary Morgan Plus 8 that launches this year.

The C1 Morgan Plus 8 Chronometer, which is limited to just 50 pieces, will only be sold alongside the anniversary Morgan Plus 8 cars, which have dashboard dials designed by Christopher Ward’s head of product, Adrian Buchmann in collaboration with Morgan’s head of design, Jon Wells.

Christopher Ward and Morgan Motor Company are a marriage made in the rolling hills of Worcestershire in England where both businesses are based. Morgan makes all its cars there, while Christopher Ward makes all its watches in its own facility in Switzerland.




Christopher Ward sells normally sells direct to consumer via its own website, with the USA its second largest market. Morgan has 12 dealers in the United States.

The first Morgan Plus 8, was known as MMC 11, and each C1 Morgan Plus 8 Chronometer will contain a small piece of the historic car embedded into the back plate of the watch.



The watch is powered by Christopher Ward’s in-house movement, Calibre SH21.

“Collaborating with Morgan Motor Company on another successful project has been a real pleasure. Our shared values of craftsmanship, heritage and mechanical excellence are very much evidenced in the design of the new C1 Morgan Plus 8 Chronometer, with its bespoke dial design and movement bridge. In incorporating a piece of the original MMC 11 car into the backplate, we were delighted to create this unique way for new Morgan Plus 8 owners to keep a piece of the car’s history close,” says Mr Buchmann.


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