Christopher Ward creates its own tribute to the moon landing’s 50th anniversary


Christopher Ward is launching its tribute to the moon landings 50 years ago with a modern C1 Moonglow watch with a large double moonphase.

Two moons circle the dial, both coated with high grade SuperLumiNova that emits what the brands call an “otherworldly moonglow”.

They rotate so that one moon can be seen rising and falling through an aperture at 12 o’clock while the other is clouded from view beneath smoked glass.

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Mike France, CEO and co-founder of Christopher Ward, says he could not allow the passing of the 1969 manned moon landing pass without celebration. “Very few things can surpass the accomplishment mankind made on 20th July 1969 and so we wanted to create a timepiece that would mark this landmark anniversary.  The result is the new C1 Moonglow, which we believe is a technological marvel in its own right as well as potentially being one of the most distinctive, and best value, moonphase watches ever created.”

The C1 Moonglow is on sale from today priced at $1,935 – $1,970.


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