Children’s online watch business bursts onto scene


Wirral-based entrepreneur Kate Jennings has launched her own online business called BooRah, which sells children’s watches, as well as sunglasses and accessories.

The accessories are intended for children who are four years old and older.

Jennings, 40, decided to launch the watch brand after spotting a gap in the online market when looking for accessories for her two boys, aged six and eight.


A passion for watches also runs in the family, with Jenning’s husband owning the online business that sells the Italian-designed brand of adult watches, 3H Italia.

Speaking about the launch of BooRah, Jennings commented: “Once the boys saw the watches their daddy had introduced through the 3H Italia range, they developed a real interest in accessories, so a lot of time was spent trawling the shops and internet to look for new, innovative children’s brands.

“However, many of the watch brands the boys tried either pinched, were too big for their wrists or didn’t have numbers on them, making it difficult for them to learn to tell the time. This is when I felt there was a real gap in the market, as it was such a task to find the boys a functional, affordable and stylish watch.

“Such was their involvement in the early days of setting up the business that as a family we decided to name the company after the boys using their affectionate nicknames, Boo and Rah.”

Prior to the birth of her two boys, Jennings was UK HR manager for a multi-national company. She set up a human resources consultancy in 2011, which forms one of the three divisions of her company Caposka.

BooRah’s designs have been influenced by Jennings and are sourced from the Far East and Europe. The watches are sold via the website boorah.co.uk.

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