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CES 2015: Day 2 smartwatch focus


German car manufacturer Audi provided a show-stopping demonstration of the functionality potential of smartwatches on Day 2 of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by using a mysterious watch to summon one of its cars on stage.

Audi’s chief technical officer Ulrich Hackenberg used an app on the watch, made by LG, to bring forth the self-driving car. The metal-cased, three buttoned smartwatch with leather strap was running a custom version of Android Wear and an app developed by Audi.

The device is a working prototype of a system being developed by Audi that should eventually see a smartwatch open and close Audi cars as well as start the engine. WatchPro.com reported late last year that BMW have developed a remote parking system, again activated by a smartwatch app, that would allow for automated parking in multi-storey car parks.


Guess has also unveiled the fruits of its partnership for smartwatch specialist Martian, in the form of Guess Connect. The watch is very heavily based on Guess’ popular Rigor model, from its current collection, with a small LCD notification display at the six o’clock position on the dial, very much akin to Martian’s signature approach. The Guess Connect also features a microphone and speaker allowing the wearer to issue voice commands and take calls.

Swiss smartwatch specialist Kronoz, was launched in 2013, revealed its ZeWatch2 as well, a stylish Bluetooth-connected activity tracker and notification device. Audio and vibration alerts are possible and messages appear on screen and the device will also monitor your sleep cycles. The ZeWatch2 works with both iOS and Android but its most attractive feature is its price, currently available direct from Kronoz for 79 Euros.

Perhaps the most innovative and flexible device on show at CES might not even be considered a watch at first glance. LookSee’s product is still a work in progress but the span of the bracelet is covered in E-Ink, the ultra-legible greyscale display technology that makes Amazon’s Kindle devices such a joy to read. Even better the technology only consumes power when it is required to change what is being displayed meaning the LookSee could last up to a year between charges or two months with regular updates. The device is Bluetooth-connected and could be used to display absolutely anything including art designs, twitter feeds, text messages, even the time.

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