Catherine Jones first UK retailer to sell 3thirty3


Jeweller Catherine Jones of Cambridge has become the first UK retailer to take on charitable US watch brand 3thirty3.

The brand’s first two watches, the brainchild of Californian Tempus Fugit watch blogger James Henderson, contribute 33.3% of their respective retail price to the Drop in the Bucket and International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF).

Vanessa Burkitt, managing director of Catherine Jones of Cambridge, said: “Today sees a new concept in the jewellery and watch industry. For every ‘Animal Watch’ sold, a contribution of £90 will be made to the IAPF.


“I met James on Facebook and he first mooted the concept back in March 2014 and we got to posting and exchanging ideas. It emerged that James’ non-business interests also chimed with our own commitment to protecting endangered wildlife and charitable giving, which we do through the Catherine Jones Foundation. When he mooted the idea of creating a watch to raise funds for the IAPF supported by Dr Jane Goodall, the idea really took hold.”

Henderson designed the watches, asking for feedback through social media, before raising the initial capital through crowd-funding. Burkitt and Henderson then agreed on a UK RRP of £333 for the Animal Watch, a figure which not only reflects the brand name but results in a £90 donation for each watch sold.

Catherine Jones of Cambridge becomes only the second retailer of 3thirty3 watch in the world, with the other in California.


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