VIEW FROM THE TOP: Bulgari Watch managing director makes a flying start

Antoine Pin_Bulgari
Bulgari could be the new Cartier when it comes to its watch business, and the company’s incoming managing director, Antoine Pin, has the experience to build it into a far bigger wholesale brand with a different strategy to the boutique-driven jewelry side of the business. WatchPro’s Rob Corder caught up with the executive just a week into his new role and discovered a disruptive streak and a passion for working with the world’s best retail partners.
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THE BIG INTERVIEW: Timeless Luxury trades up to prime Plano location

Dan and Anna Broadfoot
Dan Broadfoot worked in his first jewelry store aged 16 and paid his way through college with a job at Tourneau. Now aged 36, he and his wife Anna have built a thriving business in Plano, north of Dallas, TX, having traded up from a 350 square foot micro store to a gleaming emporium in one of the country’s fastest growing cities.
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Becoming Bucherer — what is coming next at Tourneau?

Almost two years after Bucherer bought Tourneau, we are not much closer to knowing what the new owner has in mind for the United States. In a search for clues, Rob Corder spoke to the chairman of Bucherer in the UK, David Coleridge, whose multibrand group of luxury watch stores, The Watch Gallery, was acquired by Bucherer in 2017. In a fascinating interview, he pulls back the curtain on his relationship with the major watch groups, the lack of decision-making power in his local market and the reasons why direct to consumer sales online and in monobrand stores are stalling around the world.
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Doug Stephens

Measuring the true value of bricks and mortar stores

In a world where consumption is increasingly moving online, how should the performance of physical retail stores be measured? What metrics make sense in a retail landscape that is seeing double-digit, compounded growth in ecommerce, while brick and mortar stores struggle to eke out single-digit lifts? Doug Stephens, author and founder of consultancy Retail Prophet, argues that brick and mortar stores are worth far more than the bottom line profits (or losses) they generate.
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