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Casio unveils latest addition to Mudmaster line


Casio G-Shock has unveiled the latest color addition to the men’s Mudmaster line in dark shades of blue and black.

Part of the Master of G series, the timepiece is geared towards adverse conditions and is best known for its mud-resistant structure.

The watch, which is built to withstand extreme weather, boasts a cylindrical guard structure with multiple gaskets on the pipes that guide the buttons and shaft to prevent mud, dust, and debris from entering the watch.


A textured band and large buttons also feature to enhance button operation even while wearing gloves.

Other features include G-Shock’s Twin Sensor technology, which allows the Mudmaster to accurately determine compass bearing and temperature.

A video showcasing the GG1000-1A8 MUDMASTER can be viewed here:

Each model also comes equipped with standard G-Shock technology, water resistance up to 200m, and auto super illuminator LED Light in a 55.3mm case.

The GG1000-1A8 is set to retail for $320 USD and will be available for purchase in September.

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