Casio Middle East FZE to boost watch presence


Casio Computer has established a sales and marketing office in Dubai called Casio Middle East FZE. One of its goals is to strengthen the presence of Casio watch brands, especially the G-Shock shock-resistant watches.

The local subsidiary of the electronics giant is intended to boost sales in six Gulf countries. Casio Middle East FZE is its first sales and marketing office in the Middle East region and is scheduled to commence sales and marketing operations from October this year.

One of the main purposes is to to increase sales promotional activities with the goal of strengthening the presence of "unique brands of" Casio watches, especially G-Shock resistant watches.


Casio Middle East FZE managing director Tsuneo Nagai said: “In recent years, we have noticed that markets in the Middle East and the GCC in particular have been thriving against the backdrop of robust economic growth and an expanding young population and therefore, we regard the region as a strategic growth market in the years to come.”

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