Casio introduces 30th Anniversary watch line

Casio’s London store is combining the celebrations of its first birthday with the launch of the Casio Commemorative 30th Anniversary watch line. 

The 933 sq ft concept store situated in the Covent Garden Piazza opened to the public on April 21 last year. The opening of the store, which features premium brands G-Shock, G-Shock Premium, Edifice, Sheen and Pro Trek, was intended to align Casio with ongoing efforts to focus on the brand more towards its premium products.

Talking about the store, Casio head of marketing Tim Gould said: "We are extremely happy with the success of our first premium retail store in London’s most prestigious retail neighbourhoods. The in-store experiences using Casio’s unique technology and design expressed in innovative ways has really made it a truly memorable experience for shoppers. We have evolved the store a lot since it first opened and we look forward to sharing these changes with our fans."

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The anniversary is being tied in with the brand’s 30th anniversary this year and launching the final 30th anniversary line called The Black Resist, which takes inspiration from classic G-Shock models from the 80s.

The three timepieces feature black bands and bezels with copper detailing designed to give a vintage feel. The DW503C is a replica of the very first G-Shock design, which was released in 1983.




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