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Casio G-Shock introduces fresh line-up for men with four new models


Casio G-Shock has unveiled the ‘Neo Tokyo’ series of men’s timepieces.

Inspired by the colours of the futuristic metropolises of classic anime films from the 1980’s, the four new watches have blacked-out bezels with yellow, red, and blue hands as dial accents to represent the city’s lights.

The series is made up of G-Shock’s most popular digital and analog-digital models, featuring updated styles from the DW6900, GA140, GA700, and GAS100 collections.


The new GA140BMC-1A has a large case design reflective of the new GA140 series, with an updated dial that includes an analogue speed indicator sub-dial and LCD displays at both 6 and 12 o’clock.

The GA700BMC-1A comes with an extra-large case and has a front-facing LED light button and 3D bold hands to provide ease of use from day to night.

The third piece is in a mid-size digital model. The DW6900BMC-1A comes in one of the original G-Shock case shapes and has a built-in multi-function alarm and flash alert.

As the fourth and final timepiece and part of the Tough Solar GAS100 collection, the GAS100BMC-1A comes with the line’s stainless steel bezel. The large case size and double Super LED light provides maximum visibility in low light conditions.

In addition, the GAS100 timepiece comes equipped with Tough Solar self-charging capabilities, ensuring its longevity.

The DW6900, GA140, and GA700 models retail for $99 each, and the GAS100 model will retail for $150, and will be available for purchase starting this September.


  1. I love the new style, as well as the direction towards retro that they’re been taking (like the retro surfer G-LIDE squares they released recently).

    Just wish that Casio would have gone with a couple of smaller G-Shock models as well. GA100 and GA700 are chunky as hell, and while that works for some situations, I’ve found them to be too big for daily wear.

    I’d love to see a Neo Tokyo square. We have some retro-looking ones in our G-Shock Square list, but most of them are out of production unfortunately.


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