Casio reels in Pro Trek offering with new angler-focused series


Casio America is expanding its Pro Trek collection of outdoor timepieces with the PRTB70 series.

Built for the great outdoors, and sharing design features from its predecessors, the PRTB70 series consists of three models and features quad sensor technology and Smartphone Link connectivity via Bluetooth to access functionality specially designed for fishing.

The new PRTB70-1, PRTB70-2 and PRTB70-5 are equipped with quad sensor technology that can detect compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude, temperature, and steps, all necessary for outdoor exploration.


Using Bluetooth and Casio’s Smartphone Link functionality, the timepieces can connect to the Pro Trek Connected app providing additional useful information for outdoors, such as route log, calories burned and a location indicator.

The new PRTB70 also offers special functionality geared toward fisherman including the Fish In Time feature and a Fishing Timer.

Fish In Time uses fish icons to indicate catch probability throughout the day which the Fishing Timer’s alarm automatically counts down with the second hand to the time remaining when a good catch period is about to be entered.

David Johnson, VP of Casio’s timepiece division, said: “At Casio we pride ourselves on developing gear built for explorers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers alike.”

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the PRTB70 series which comes equipped with a comprehensive set of features no outdoorsman will want to be without this season or next.”

The new models feature a wide face, a large rotating bezel and soft urethane band for maximum comfort.

The PRTB70-1 (Black), PRTB70-2 (Blue) and PRTB70-5 (Green) will be available this November for a MSRP of $240 at select retailers nationwide and Casio.com.


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