Casio adds to its Pro Trek offering with new smartwatch


Casio has announced the release of a new smartwatch to add to its Pro Trek offering with the WSD-F30.

The Pro Trek series, aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, will now feature a smartwatch that enables the use of offline maps and GPS log recording for up to three consecutive days.

Casio marked its entry to the smartwatch market in 2016 with the release of the WSD-F10 wrist watch, and built upon that release last year with the Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20.

Now, the WSD-F30 comes with ‘extend mode’ which enables offline color maps and allows time and measurement data to be continuously displayed on the monochrome dial.

‘Extend mode’ also conserves energy by switching the operating system to energy-saving stand-by mode on a schedule set by the user.

Additionally, it ensures optimal power management based on the activity plan, allowing the user to track their current location on an offline map and record tracks during activities longer than a single day.

The inner components have been rearranged to create a watch case that is 3.9 mm narrower and 0.4 mm thinner than before, for a more compact profile.

The WSD-F30 will retail for $549 and will be available in black, blue and orange in January 2019 at select jewelry and watch retailers nationwide.



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