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Cartier unveils ID Two high efficiency watch


Cartier yesterday launched what has been dubbed a “game-changing” timepiece, in the form of the ID Two concept watch, a timepiece focused on the optimisation of power and the world’s first "energy efficient" timepiece.

The ID Two has several unusual and groundbreaking features, used to achieve its goal of increasing the amount of energy stored in the watch, all housed within a 42mm case.

Though still a concept watch, the unveiling of the ID Two showcases the ways in which watchmaking innovations are moving forward and looking to other industries, materials and sciences.


It is said to have taken inspiration from the automotive industry, using materials such as Ceramyst, a completely transparent ceramic for the case, and a vacuum seal to secure the caseback, which is said to reduce the number of air particles within the case, meaning the oscillator uses 37% less energy than in a traditional screw-sealed watch.

At outlined by watch blog Hodinkee, where the ID Two was previewed last night, here are some of the Cartier ID Two’s attributes:

– It stores 30% more energy in the same space by using the barrel with double fibreglass springs.

– The ID Two consumes 37% less energy from the oscillator alone, thanks to its vacuum seal.

– It has 500x less air inside the case due to the vacuum.

– The components were manufactured to within tolerances of 1 micron (1/1000th of a millimeter).

-The ID Two took five years of research and development across 135 different engineers.

– It is currently waiting on six patent applications.

– The ID Two has 32 day power reserve in a 42mm case.

– It is said to consume half as much energy as a typical whole watch.

Read more about this timepiece through online watch blog Hodinkee, or play the video below.




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