Cartier puts time to side with new Montre Panthère


Cartier’s striking new timepiece, the Montre Panthère divine de Cartier, part of its Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier, has quite literally put time-telling to one side.

This feline watch, launched at SIHH, continues to play with the brand’s iconic big cat motif, placing a seated panther right on the dial, with a nonchalant look back over its shoulder.

The panther glitters with diamonds and a black enamel-spotted pelt, with a halo of diamonds set into the surrounding bezel.

With time largely the second thought of this watch, the Montre Panthère divine de Cartier is set with a simple quartz movement. But those likely to wear this watch are sure to be more focused on its luxuries: an 18ct white gold rhodium-plated case, a black brass dial with barley corn guilloché, and its soft black calfskin strap.

Other designs in Les Heures Fabuleuses de Cartier collection include a diamond-studded tortoise with a shell that opens to reveal a timepiece, a watch pendant and brooch flanked with gemstone parrots and an elephant embellished pocket watch.

A truly stellar watch collection that is sure to speak more about the wearer’s love of fine design than their need for time-telling.



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