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Caroline Scheufele and Chopard: the love of traditional watches


Founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, Chopard is a manufacturer of world-leading Swiss watches and jewelry.

After being inherited by the son and grandson of Louis-Ulysse, by 1937 it had relocated to Geneva and received the accolade of the Geneva Seal – a mark only applied to watch movements made in the Canton of Geneva and signifying the highest quality, only to be found within the most exclusive of luxury watch artisans.

Chopard, Caroline Scheufele & the Scheufele Family


The Scheufele family acquired Chopard in 1963 and has since established itself as a leader in the field of luxury watches, jewelry and accessories, alongside pledging support for 100% ethical gold and environmentally sustainable production. Caroline Scheufele is the Creative Director and Co-President of Chopard, who has paved the way in modern practices whilst maintaining her roots in traditional watch design.

Although Chopard curate sensational jewelry collections, fashion accessories such as handbags and scarfs and fine fragrances, it is in their masterful watchmaking which ensures the brand is second to none in the luxury goods marketplace. Mastering the full production of watchmaking, Chopard truly represents their ethos of individuality and independence.

The history of watchmaking dates back to the 17th Century, where spring-powered clocks were first crafted small enough to be worn on the body, as either a wristwatch or pocket watch. A notable date in watch history is 1657, when the balance spring was added to the balance wheel, thereby increasing accuracy dramatically and allowing watches to develop further, faster.

The Chopard creativity and Caroline Scheufele inspiration

Although significant developments were made in the watch world in the UK, America and Japan, it is in Switzerland that the watch industry boomed. Today, Chopard, under the creative eye of Caroline Scheufele, is one of a handful of artisan watchmakers who complete the entire production line independently of any other assisting companies.

Today, Chopard offer the choice of self-winding or manual watch movements, depending on the model. Needless to say, in all cases, the craftsman ship poured into these timepieces if of exceptionally high quality, mirroring the carefully considered choice of materials – for which Caroline Scheufele is well known.

We all know the status a wristwatch carries. The modern businessman chooses his watch with the same amount of thought and research as his financial investments. It is a status symbol, a work of art, and a valuable and sentimental asset.

In the circles of the rich and famous, your watch is a reflection of your position in the world. Traditional watches radiate class, wealth and elegance. The electronic watch market simply has no place in this club, nor would any member wish to sign up to anything other than absolute opulence.

For women, it is less of a business move, rather that of a love of pure beauty, prosperity and style. Chopard’s Creative Director and Co-President, Caroline Scheufele, understands this and emulates these properties in her ingenious designs.

Chopard traditional luxury

So who might indulge in a traditional luxury watch? There are many options for those fortunate enough to afford them – perhaps a gift for the one you love, to mark an anniversary or special occasion. Similarly, once big moves have been made in the marketplace, a young thriving professional may reward himself with his first artisan timepiece. A memory of his achievements and something to spur him on to future business successes.

For a lady, to receive a timepiece of such high quality is an unforgettable moment. Perhaps gifted by her parents after first leaving home, it is something to keep safe and to treasure – and a constant reminder of the love of her family whilst she takes her first steps into the world as an adult.

In our modern world, we take for granted our independence. Caroline Scheufele has carved a special ethos into Chopard’s manifesto – and that is to celebrate audacity and creativity. Chopard applauds the modern day empress, with her feet firmly on the ground making prosperous and savvy business progressions. This is a woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to get it.

Why would someone rather have a traditional watch than a modern watch?

Modern technology has seen the advances of uncountable inventions. In the world of watches, we have recently seen the introduction of the smart watch. With seemingly never-ending facilities and capacity to organize anything from our work schedule to sending emails, it appears this watch can do no wrong.

However, it is lacking in the substance and traditional engineering found so calmly, so elegantly in the traditional wristwatch. The smartwatch may be able to turn your heating on at home on the way back from the office, but it simply does not carry the same weight. It is not even in the same league.

Electronic digital watches tend to appeal to a younger customer who may currently champion technology over substance, who may be focused on gimmicks rather than classic design. It is in the more refined customer, who appreciates timeless elegance and grandeur that we know we have a suitable wearer.

The smartwatch does seem to impose a challenge on the traditional timepiece, but it is without shadow of doubt that Chopard holds faith in the craftsmanship, kudos and aesthetics of the traditional wristwatch.

Traditional watches will stand the test of time through their limitless charm, endurance and presence. There is no question we love to wear, admire and feel the metaphorical weight of a traditional watch. The mechanical masterpieces in question do not show any signs of slowing down, they remain steadfast in their appeal.

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