C.D Peacock to open one of America’s largest watch stores this fall


C.D Peacock will open what has been described as one of America’s largest jewelry and watch stores this fall.

The reported 20,000 square foot indoor-outdoor space comes as Steven Holtzman assumes the vice chairmanship as his father transfers leadership responsibilities.

The succession plan for Steven and his wife, Qi, to assume leadership is effective this month.


It will see the pair relocate from Switzerland to Chicago as the company enters its 185th anniversary year and announces plans for one of the largest watch and jewelry stores of its kind in the flagship mansion planned for the Oakbrook Center opening this late fall.

A global industry veteran, Steven’s expertise spans three decades in the Swiss luxury watch market, working with the most prestigious retailers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Steven Holtzman commented: “Chicagoans can expect to see C.D. Peacock fanning its vibrant feathers in new places, with unique concepts and strong luxury brand partnerships to serve future generations. We’ve been our great city’s leading jeweler since 1837.”

Adding: “Qi and I are honored to be overseeing one of the most exciting times in our company’s history.”

The Holtzman’s plan to incorporate global luxury concepts to influence one of the first-of-its-kind, 20,000 square-foot indoor-outdoor spaces.

The flagship mansion will include a lounge, restaurant, and VIP rooms to make C.D. Peacock one of the largest jewelry and watch experiences in the U.S.

The incoming vice chairman added: “We are Chicago. The House of Peacock was the first registered business in Illinois in 1837. We are proud of our heritage and continue to invest in the region. By significantly boosting the retail sector with another ‘first,’ C.D. Peacock continues to exceed consumer demands for exceptional quality, impeccable service, and an elevated shopping experience.”

Concluding: “The investment in our flagship mansion at Oakbrook Center – where 20 million visitors annually spend over 1 billion dollars – is a natural choice as consumer lifestyles and spending shift to the suburbs. Open space, eclectic restaurant offerings and ample free parking combine to provide the perfect backdrop for our new location, which will redefine the way consumers shop for luxury.”

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