Bulgari watch locks up data online


Bulgari and WiseKey have launched the Diagono Magnesium intelligent watch concept at Baselworld.

The combination of the Diagono Magnesium Intelligent watch and the Bulgari Vault app allows users to securely backup their data online using WiseKey CyberSecurity technologies and data storage.

Jean-Christophe Babin, president of Bulgari Group, states: “The new Diagono Magnesium intelligent Watch perfectly embodies Bulgari duality in the landscape of luxury watchmaking with its Italian origins, epitomized by Leonardo da Vinci, both a scientist and an artist, and allowing Bulgari to fuse in a unique way contemporary and edgy timeless Italian design together with the best of Swiss watchmaking mechanical know-how and the most advanced Swiss technologies such as the WiseKey’s.”


WiseKey is predicting that secure wearable devices like the Diagono Magnesium Intelligent will move to the gravity centre from application-centric to personal centric models where users will retake the control of their personal data.

“Gone are the days of using so many physical and digital credentials and keys to open doors, with the Diagono Magnesium your key is on the watch and always with you,” said founder Carlos Moreira.

In the near future, WiseKey predicts that watch wearers will be able to use the cryptographic key that is stored on the Diagono Magnesium intelligent watch for many other usages such as activating smartphones, unlocking doors and electronic locks at home and at work, and unlocking and activating alarm system on vehicles. It will also link to NFC-enabled contactless payment systems.

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