Buben&Zorweg cuts turnaround time for bespoke safes to 12 weeks


Luxury watch and jewellery safe maker Buben&Zorweg has created a line of customisable units that cuts down the time between a customer ordering and receiving a bespoke piece.

Buben&Zorweg  is best known for its handcrafted safes made from rare woods and leather that often double up as artworks in their own right or feature additional functions like inbuilt sound systems.

Its new Bespoke Line gives customers a choice of base designs that can then be tailored to personal tastes using different materials and colours.


For example, there is a choice of ten shades of Italian Nappa leather and ten individual high gloss lacquer finishes in colours ranging from Arctic White, to Diabolo Red, Havanna Brown, Graphite and Emerald Green.

The company promises to deliver the bespoke safes within 12 weeks of ordering, far faster than an entirely made-to-order commission.

“Bespoke Line is the only service of its kind in our industry. Each customised masterpiece allows the owner to personally participate in the creation. One customer wanted his safe’s leather and stitching to match his newly ordered Bentley convertible. The safe now stands proudly in his bedroom beneath a photo of him with his two sons in front of his new car. With four in 10 orders at Buben&Zorweg comprising bespoke requests, Bespoke Line makes it easier for passionate collectors to create something unique to them,” says Harald Buben, founder of Buben&Zorweg.

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