BRM launches celebratory Bombers collection


Bernard Richards Manufacture (BRM) has launched a new watch collection called Bombers, designed and named in homage to the legendary aircraft of the Second World War.

The brand describes how aircraft that has survived to this day “fascinates aviation enthusiasts”, who admire their history, technical details and shape of the aircraft. As a tribute it has launched a new line of watches based on the prowess of WWII planes, inspired by the Spitfire, the P51 Mustang North American and the Mitsubishi Zero.

The watches have been “crafted like a fuselage, complete with inserted rivets, propeller-shaped hands, cases featuring roundels from different countries, horns that reference exhaust pipes and harness-inspired leather straps”.


The stainless steel range of 45mm watches have automatic chronograph movements, brushed finishes and price tags upwards of €5,400 (£4,403).


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