British startup Minute & Azimut appoints first three retailers to UK network


Fledgling British watch brand Minute & Azimut has added three new retailers to its UK network.

Sarah Beth Jewellers in Rochford, Essex, alonog with The Pommier and Watch Town, both in London, are the first three retailers to take on the Minute & Azimut Bisham collection.

As part of the first group of retailers they have seen to potential in stocking the up and coming British brand. A carefully curated selection has been provided to each retailer to ensure their target customer has access to the right watch at the right time.


Working closely with the Minute & Azimut team a full programme of social media promotion and marketing activity is underway. Various social media posts have already been activated and much more is planned for the coming weeks.

With the ability to ship globally from their websites we are delighted to bring our Bisham collection to a new, wider audience.

All three retailers are supported by the Minute & Azimut team headed by sales manager Nick Underwood, who told WatchPro: “Minute & Azimut has come a long way in a short time. The growth to include retailers in our journey is the next step in our development from startup to established watch company. To be welcomed by these retailers is a great complement and we look forward to working with them today and in the future.”

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