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British School of Watchmaking set to expand


Mark Hearn and James Robinson from the British School of Watchmaking talked to press at the opening breakfast of the London Watch Show today about planned growth for the school, to support the ongoing significant development of the British watchmaking in the UK.

A director of the British School of Watchmaking, Hearn said: "The watch industry in the UK is becoming greater and more refined. There are lots of fine watches coming from here and we need to continue that."

Hearn explained that the school did not exist 10 years ago and was established in 2006 in response to a shortage of British watchmakers despite watches becoming more prestigious and refined. "Nothing was being done to bring in new generations of watchmakers when other experienced watchmakers were retiring," he said.

Highlighting the success of the school to date, Hearn said that 100% of graduates are now working within the watch industry.

Robinson echoed Hearn’s sentiment and spoke about the high standards adhered to by the British School of Watchmaking and its success so far. He said: "We have final exams taking place in the next few days and so by the end of this week we should have eight new watchmakers here, which is what this industry needs."

Robinson pointed out that the school started out taking on six students at a time, before in 2011, growing that to eight and now has plans to expand further. "I think we might expand in the not too distant future," said Robinson. "We need to cater for the industry, not just internationally but here too."

Hearn explained the school was founded through the joint efforts of brands including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breitling and other groups and retailers.

The British School of Watches is exhibiting at the London Watch Show, which runs today and tomorrow.



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