British entrepreneur launches Boxer Watches


By Deepa Narwani

A new brand of skeletonised timepieces called Boxer Watches has been unveiled by a British entrepreneur targeting the 18-30 male demographic.

Boxer Watches’ founder Mustafa Khalifa launched the watches earlier this summer, after craving a career change from a job in corporate sector.


The brand has launched with a flagship model called Zeus that it describes as "auto-mechanical".

Khalifa says the skeleton design highlights the ability to "physically see time", in order to make its wearer more consciously aware of their time and the value of it.

He said: “I began Boxer Watches because I wanted to create something which I wanted for myself, a luxurious yet affordable watch. Sometimes you want something real and tangible in front of you. So I decided I wanted a watch, but one which wasn’t digital or battery-operated. I wanted to pay homage to the rich tradition of an art which dates back more than two centuries.

“And I wanted people to enjoy the craftsmanship of an affordable, elegantly constructed timepiece, one which you’d see the mechanisms and gears moving before your eyes.”

The Zeus model has an RRP of £120 and features a Chinese-made Shanghai movement. Khalifa says the brand purposely had no branding on the dial to make the skeleton design the focus.



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