Bremont Wingman plays Queen in Games ceremony


Bremont’s wingman Gary Connery took centre stage at the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday, playing the Queen as she leapt from a helicopter over the stadium, in what has become the highlight of the opening event.

Connery dressed up in a peach coloured dress and tiara to take the leap, the climax of a sketch during the ceremony in which current James Bond actor Daniel Craig went to Buckingham Palace to chaperone the Queen to the opening ceremony.

In the piece, Connery’s Queen leapt from the helicopter, gliding down to the stadium with a union jack parachute, alongside Mark Sutton who leapt as James Bond.

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Connery was the first man ever to jump out of a helicopter with a wingsuit, landing without a parachute earlier this year. Bremont has support the Henley-based stuntman for some time and he “continues to be an avid friend of the brand”.


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