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Bremont on track for record sales as it moves towards launching its first manufacture movement


Bremont will post record sales figures for 2017 when its accounts are signed-off, the company’s co-founders revealed yesterday without elaborating.

The British watchmaker is working towards a pivotal 2019 when it will open its new headquarters in Henley-on-Thames, and unveil its first manufacture movement.

Bremont is hosting its London Townhouse exhibition in London this week, moving onto New York the following week, the event is where its 2018 watch collection is revealed to retail partners and the press.


The UK and United States are particularly strong for Bremont, thanks in part to a more sophisticated sales infrastructure and customer relationship management systems that help sell-through for retail partners.

For example, the company’s systems have identified that 10% of all Bremont customers go on to buy a second watch from the brand, and 28% of customers with two Bremonts go on to buy a third.

Bremont is already punching above its weight in terms of brand awareness in the UK and USA, but will push that even harder this year with a 30% increase in marketing spend, co-founder Giles English revealed to WatchPro.

“We have brilliant distribution, brilliant partners, now we need to maximise,” Mr English said. “We are 10 years old as a watchmaker, but Nick [English] and I feel we have only just started,” he added.

Bremont currently runs four of its own boutiques, two in London, one each in New York and Hong Kong, and it is negotiating for additional sites for monobrand stores this year.


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