Bremont supports the British School of Watchmaking


Bremont Watch Company is thrilled to announce it will be joining an elite group of leading brands and retailers including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Watches of Switzerland, Breitling, Swatch and Richemont in nurturing home-grown horological talent by supporting the British School of Watchmaking (BSoW).

Historically, Britain has had a considerable impact on watchmaking and was a pioneer in horological development throughout the last century. Bremont is proud to be at the forefront of the revival of British watchmaking and the company is already on a long term staged investment programme to develop mechanical watch manufacturing expertise in the UK where it will be assembling and finishing off key movement and case components in Henley-on-Thames.

Nick English, Co-Founder of Bremont, said “Right from the outset, a key motivator for Giles and myself with Bremont has been the bringing of watch-manufacture on a significant scale back to British shores. To achieve this and the future supply of British watchmakers, schools like this are absolutely essential. We are honoured to have been invited to join the school as partners alongside some very well respected and established watch brands.”


It was recognised as far back as 2002 by key figures in the UK watch market, that there was a shortage of qualified watchmakers to service the growing number of fine and complicated mechanical watches in the UK. This led to discussions being opened between the top watch houses and retailers out of which was born The British School of Watchmaking.

The British School of Watchmaking, an independent institution, was established in Manchester in 2004. Its founders had one mission: to train a new generation of British watchmakers to fill the shortage in the skills market, so brands and retailers could employ domestic talent to provide quality after-sales service for the newly growing number of mechanical watch owners in the UK. Doors opened to its first six students in 2006.

It is most fitting for Bremont, as a British brand, to make this long term commitment to enable Britain’s own watchmaking school to expand further. This is very much a natural extension of what the company is already doing. Bremont plans to integrate itself further with the school by offering some of the students the opportunity to experience working for a watch manufacturer in England.

Mark Hearn, Director of the British School of Watchmaking, said “We are delighted that Bremont has joined the ranks of supporters of the BSoW going forward, and as a British brand, it is a natural fit for the school, and I am sure, will be beneficial to both parties.”


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