Bremont reveals first mechanical smartwatch


Bremont has announced a surprise move into the smartwatch sector by revealing the Bremont A1, the world’s first mechanical smartwatch.

The Henley-on-Thames watch company has developed mechanical solutions to the functions performed by digital smartwatch.

Weather updates come courtesy of a miniature internal barometer and can be printed out for convenience on a clockwork ticker tape machine with a twist of the crown.


Bremont’s in-house research and development team has even produced a mechanical analogue solution for portable music, eschewing MP3 files in favour of a scaled down reel-to-reel tape system. The initial release of the A1 will only have capacity for around three tracks but work is already underway on improving the technology.

The Bremont A1’s integrated sphygmometer can also monitor blood pressure once the watch is repositioned on the wearer’s upper arm, displaying the results on a register on the dial.

Bremont admitted to WatchPro that including such an array of analogue mechanical solutions has affected the size of the finished product and its five centimetre deep case.


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