Bremont offers to switch watchmaking facility to ventilator production

Bremont is a $30 million British independent watchmaker, and is jousting with the worlds watchmaking giants from its monobrand store on Madison Avenue, New York City.

Bremont has offered to switch production at its South of England facility from watchmaking to the manufacture, assembly and testing of precision parts for ventilators.

Co-founder Nick English says the company has has already put a bid into government to offer its services, if and when required.

“At this moment in time, we see there is an opportunity to use our capabilities to help with manufacturing parts for much-needed ventilators,” Mr English tells his local newspaper Henley Standard.


Bremont is waiting to hear back from authorities on whether it will take up the offer.

The technology and engineering required to manufacture medical equipment is remarkably similar to that of watchmaking. In Switzerland, the EPHJ Geneva show has medical equipment manufacturing equipment promoted side-by-side with watchmaking technology.

“There’s a very similar skill set between the medical and the watchmaking industry — you’re machining and assembling parts in often a very sterile environment. A ventilator is made up of many different parts and no one company can make one overnight. However, there are parts which we certainly could manufacture if given the plans. We have got a whole factory which is full of machines which are capable of making these parts. The other part we can help with is assembly. We have got very skilled staff who can assemble things to a high quality,” Mr English explains.


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