Bremont marks time for Marvel antihero at October blockbuster Venom


British watchmaker Bremont is hitting the silver screen next month thanks to a collaboration with the maker of Venom, a Marvel blockbuster starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the movie’s antihero.

To celebrate the deal, Bremont, which aligns itself with the history of aviation, has painted a 1950’s French military aircraft that it calls the Bremont Broussard in Venom’s livery.

Columbia Pictures has already released a trailer of Venom that was seen 64 million times in its first 24 hours. That sort of traction could make it one of the biggest theater releases this fall.


Eddie Brock will be wearing a Bremont U-2/51-JET throughout the picture.

The U-2/51-JET takes design cues from some of Bremont’s military work commissioned by Britain’s RAF’s 100 squadron members to complement their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft.

The 100 Squadron was the first squadron formed for night bombing back in 1917 and its stealthy appearance led to the introduction of this ‘Jet’ black timepiece complete with black smoked glass open case back through which one can view the automatic movement.

Nick English, Bremont co-founder, says: “Tom is not only a phenomenally talented actor but is perfectly placed to bring to life this lethal protector and his struggle between good and bad. The jet black, synonymous with the RAF 100 Squadron, has certainly made the U-2/51-Jet Bremont’s stealthiest watch to date which we felt lent itself to the darker side of the film. We’re honored to have Eddie Brock, played by Tom, wearing our watch throughout and we’re incredibly excited to see the finished product in October.”


The Bremont Boussard painted with Venom art.


Bremont’s U-2/51-JET wristwatch.

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