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Bremont hopes to motor sales with new Jaguar and Norton watches


Watch brand Bremont has lifted the bonnet on a line of new watches themed on both the Lightweight Jaguar E-type and Norton V4SS motorcycle.

The infamous race vehicles have inspired two creations which mark a strengthening relationship with the brand and its partners.

The Lightweight E-type racer, of which only 12 were manufactured, inspires Bremont’s MKII chronograph, which features a new internal tachymeter dial ring which can be used to measure speed.


The Sebring MKII also features new hands and a red stitched ‘racing’ leather strap, a nod to the red racing stripes which adorned the car and the vintage embroidered branding details.

bremont norton

Meanwhile, Norton‘s all-new SG6 motorcycle, targeting success in this year’s Isle of Man T.T., inspires 200 special versions of the new Bremont Norton chronograph.

Each watch will feature a 43mm polished steel case, numerals inspired by those seen on the bike’s speedometer, silvered dials with a black Norton logo and subtle, carbon fibre inserts to the red-bordered chronograph counters.

To celebrate the unlimited-production Norton V4SS, meanwhile, Bremont has created another version of the watch, again limited to 200 pieces that will be available for general sale.

“We have a connection with the modern-day Norton marque which dates back to 2009 when we introduced the first, limited edition Norton chronograph which has since become a collector’s item,” says Bremont co-founder Nick English.

“The new watches have been inspired by Norton’s 2017 T.T. campaign and both companies are hugely proud of the fact that we are designing and building our products here in the UK”

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