Bremont founders to guest edit WatchPro


Nick and Giles English, founders of luxury British watch brand Bremont, will take the helm at WatchPro magazine for a special guest edited January issue.

As guest editors the English brothers have set the agenda for the issue and have chosen to focus on a wide range of issues including the history of British watchmaking, the benefits of investing in extra straps, whether the watch industry’s obsession with designing watches for Asia is leaving Europe with less choice, and how watch sales in the UK are spread geographically in terms of spend and style choice.

As part of their guest editorship of WatchPro, the English brothers will also conduct an interview with fellow luxury watch brand Patek Phillipe.


WatchPro guest editors Nick and Giles English said: “We are honoured to have been asked to guest edit this edition of WatchPro. Unlike many of the readers here, we have not come from a family of jewellery retailers that have been working hard for generations to build their business, we came from a father who adored his watches and all things mechanical. We do however, due to the charm and professionalism of all we have dealt with, now feel part of this wonderful and unique industry since Bremont’s inception 10 years ago.

“So in the grand scheme of things we know comparatively little about the ‘trade’ but in a way this fresh approach has always helped us. The focus had to always be on the product but as with any designer you get influenced by trends and previous successes and failures. As guest editors here the idea is to discuss some of these topics and bring to the publication some of the feedback we get when we travel the world with retailers and suppliers.”

The January 2013 issue will be the first issue of WatchPro to have a guest editor, although the tradition has been running for the past three years at sister magazine Professional Jeweller, which has had jewellery designer Shaun Leane, retailers Grant Mitchell and Kyron Keogh of Rox and Holts boss Jason Holt all take terms as guest editors.

WatchPro editor-in-chief Rachael Taylor said: “We are absolutely delighted that Nick and Giles have accepted our invitation to guest edit WatchPro. As founders of a unique, exciting brand, much loved by our readers, that has been truly innovative and proactive this year they were our first choice.

“We have worked with guest editors each year on WatchPro’s sister title Professional Jweller and it has always been a rewarding experience to present the magazine from a fresh perspective created from the experiences of a guest editor or editors who are part of the trade that we report on. I’m hugely excited to introduce this new year tradition to WatchPro and kick off 2013 with something special.”

As part of the guest editor issue WatchPro readers will be given the opportunity to put any questions they might have to the English brothers, with the answers published in the January issue of the magazine. If you would like to submit a question you can comment below, Tweet us at @watchpro or email rachael.taylor@itp.com.





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