Bremont co-founder shares memories at Beaverbrooks


Multiple retailer Beaverbooks has hosted an exclusive presentation by Giles English, co-founder of British aviation watch brand Bremont.

English spent time at the jeweller’s Bluewater store last Thursday with a select number of customers, as he shared anecdotes about the beginnings of Bremont as a brand.

Memories recounted by English included: the death of his father in a plane accident in 1995 (the incident that inspired the brand) and him his brother (and co-founder of Bremont) Nick repairing their father’s old clocks and watches when they were younger.


He also explained that the decision to name the company Bremont – which is French in origin – was homage to a hospitable farmer, Antoine Bremont, whose field the brothers were forced to land on in France due to inclement weather in the ‘90s.

Lacey Reeds, store manager at Beaverbrooks Bluewater, said: “The evening was a huge success and a fantastic turnout, with Bremont enthusiasts keen to gain real insight and share their appreciation of the brand.

“Giles was a real crowd pleaser and certainly has a fascinating story to tell. Our customers really enjoyed hearing about the English brother’s trials and tribulations and their passion for watches, planes, cars and all things mechanical.”

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