Bremont Birdman becomes first man to fly to earth


Bremont Watch Company is celebrating along with brand ambassador Gary Connery, who survived dropping out of a helicopter from 2400 feet and landing in nothing more than a pile of cardboard boxes.

Connery, popularly known as the Bremont Birdman, was able to make the leap thanks to his winged suit, which helped him slow his descent speed to 25mph and his horizontal speed to 60mph.

His landing was cushioned by a 12 ft high stack of 18,600 boxes into which he landed at 3.33pm yesterday following a 45 second descent that covered around a mile as the bird flies from the helicopter.

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Bremont’s co-founder Giles English wanted to support the world record attempt not only because the jump required the precise timing that the brand represents, but also because it chimes with his obsession for aviation and swashbuckling nature.

Following the successful jump, English described his elation. "I don’t think even Gary knows the full impact of what he has just achieved. He has just managed to do something that will literally change forever a large tranche of aviation. This is totally pioneering. Bremont are so delighted to be involved with backing this extraordinary Henley based man," he said.

Connery emerged from his cardboard box landing site to thank his support team, and immediately said that he was looking forward to his next project. “I feel incredible, just completely elated. I have been training and planning for this record attempt for many years now and I am so proud to have achieved a world first. I want to thank everyone involved for their support and belief in me because this really has been a team effort. Tonight will be all about celebrating with friends and family, tomorrow I will be plotting my next daring challenge,” he said.


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